Super. I’ve realised, and just in time, that JURN is 10 years old tomorrow!

JURN was launched by me in working form on 3rd February 2009, and then went onto the new Jurn domain on 5th February 2009. Initially the search-tool only had a mere 951 arts and humanities journal titles, indexed and full-text searchable at the article level. The fledgling JURN Directory followed shortly after. JURN certainly wasn’t the search behemoth it is now, after a decade of often very intensive work on it, but the launch caused a ripple of interest and some enduring inbound links.

As users and readers of this blog will know, JURN has been constantly maintained, repaired and expanded since then. All the work has been done unpaid. Despite very sparse donations each year (some years with nothing at all), over a decade JURN has just about ‘broken even’ in terms of paying for domain and hosting costs.

Several new services have been added since launch, such as the comprehensive repository search GRAFT (‘Global Research Access, Full-Text’) and the OpenEco A-Z journal directory. The scope of JURN’s journal indexing has also expanded a little beyond arts and humanities journals, to strong coverage of business and law journals, and journals on all aspects of the natural world. As always, predatory titles and publishers are excluded.

JURN continues and OA continues to grow, so… onward to 2029!