Oh, I really like this one. CenterIt, a new UserScript browser addon. A very simple script, it just tries to force a site to centre — if the user is viewing the Web on a big 1920px widescreen desktop monitor.

Out-of-the box it only works with Wikipedia and the faculty pages at IIT Bombay, India.

But add your own URLs and it works very nicely with results from Yippy, Bing News, Google Scholar, StartPage.com and no doubt many others. It partly works with Yandex search results, too, though only takes the results in by about four inches. Nevertheless, if you’re fed up with getting a crick in your neck then this script is for you.

To add your target website, edit the script. Add the URL in the following format…

// @match https://www.bing.com/*
// @match https://*.startpage.com/*

…and save. As you can see above, some URLs that use dynamic www. replacements for the second page of results need to be given a wildcard.

Yippy, with the script:

Bing News, with the script (I also have it perma-cleaned with uBlock Origin, which is why it looks so clean):

The script has the great advantage that it can’t be broken by changes in the HTML at the target site. It’s also browser-engine agnostic. There are two recent addons for Chrome browsers, for centering, but one is hard coded for Yandex and neither will change the current Yandex in English (there are Russian, UK and USA versions of Yandex, depending on user location — and these all reside at yandex.com). So this script is the better, simpler and more secure solution.

Thank you to the script maker — Jagadeesha Kanihal, Masters student in Computer Science at IIT Bombay, India. Somebody give this guy a great job when he graduates, please!