Here’s how to delete the invasive new “Share with Skype” menu item, newly located on your right-click menu in your Windows PC. This has been added without permission by the latest update for desktop Skype, and is a pointless distraction for anyone who just uses Skype for calls.

There appears to be no way to turn it off from within Skype. I can’t get it to show up in any context menu-editor except the Windows Registry Editor.

How to remove it…

1. Go to the Windows Start menu. In the search box type regedit to launch the Windows Registry Editor.

2. The key you want to delete is easily found under…


3. Right-click on the key’s label (shown here highlighted in blue). Delete it.

4. Exit the Registry Editor.

The menu item is gone, but not gone for good. It will return when desktop Skype is next updated, and the key will thus need to be repeatedly deleted.