I’m pleased to see that the vital WordPress.com edit post redirects UserScript has updated, and it handles the current changed arrangements at the WordPress.com free blogs. It’s working fine for all functions (start new post, edit post from side-link on existing post, edit post from wp-admin list, etc). It briskly takes you and your post to the Classic Editor, rather than to the awful Block editor.

I had coded a Lua script for the StrokesPlus mouse-gestures freeware to provide a workaround for the current problem, which was working. But it’s now no longer needed. Here it is anyway, for what it’s worth…

-- A LUA SCRIPT for a STROKESPLUS mouse-gesture.
-- TITLE: Auto-load the Classic Editor at WordPress.com
-- DATE: October 2020.
-- Your Web browser is at ../wp-admin/edit.php and you do the mouse gesture.
-- First the script pauses, to ensure wp-admin has time to fully load itself
-- select and copy the current browser URL
acActivateWindow(nil, gex, gey)
acSendKeys("^l{DELAY 100}^c")
-- process the browser URL, trimming it back
-- load the new trimmed URL in the browser
acSendKeys("^v{DELAY 100}{ENTER}")
-- copy the current browser URL again
-- append the posting URL and thus effectively go to New Post
acSendKeys("^v{DELAY 100}{ENTER}")
-- delay 7 seconds to allow the sluggish Block editor to load
-- type the word draft in the post title, and Ctrl + S to save as a Draft post
-- pause 3 seconds for WordPress to switch to the new numbered URL
acActivateWindow(nil, gex, gey)
-- copy this new URL to the clipboard
acSendKeys("^l{DELAY 100}^c")
-- append the vital &classic-editor slug to the end of the URL
-- take the Draft post into the Classic Editor and finish.
acSendKeys("^v{DELAY 500}{ENTER}")

And to handle the additional “Edit” side-link on posts, you’d use a second Lua script with its core being…

-- look at the current URL, keep only the post number

… then prepend and append the required URL structure around the post number, to get a working URL back again, then load that URL.

Will either of these solutions last beyond 2021? Perhaps not, as I suspect the Classic Editor will then be killed off totally as previously announced for that date, rather that effectively hidden from the mass of users. As such it’s probably best to just start learning the free Open Live Writer and try to use free blogs in WordPress.com that way. That assumes, however, that in 2021 WordPress.com doesn’t also block offline-editing using such blogging software.