Power-bloggers may be used to making a folder of Web browser bookmarks containing 30 or 40 on-topic sites or forums that have no RSS. Right-click on this folder, “Open All” and they all spring open in new tabs. Then you quickly flick through and close each tab, if there is nothing new to see. Only takes a few minutes. Also useful for keeping an eye out for rare used books, vintage gear, 70% sales and the like.

But it can be annoying to rapidly click through these tabs only to find that… some tabs have not loaded or only partially loaded. Not because you don’t have the bandwidth or the PC RAM, but because the site has some kind of “visitor not present, is probably a bot or a scraper” thing going on. No visitor on a current tab = no main content block loading.

In which case the following UserScripts may be of interest…

* Block Visibility Detections.

* PreventPageVisibility.

* And if those don’t work, Idle Detection Bypasser… “gives a fake active response” when the Web browser is queried by the site for tab focus/activity.