I went in search of a good freeware downloader software, because the Web browser add-on DownThemAll! had failed me. It had worked well in the past, but I discovered it has a limit on import. Adding a list of links to 268 .JP2 files was beyond its capabilities. Even cutting the .txt list of files into two halves didn’t help.

So, Windows freeware ‘to the rescue’. After trying a few, HTTP Downloader was the choice. It may look old-school but the author Eric Kutcher last updated it in July 2022. Genuine freeware, and it’s 64-bit.

Very simple to use. Give it access to the Web. Copy your one-per-line list of links to the clipboard. Paste in. It starts rolling through a list of multiple downloads, eight at a time. That’s it.

The software had no problem with a big download run, 3Gb in total.

Also interesting, from the same author, is his 2018 Google Search Results Filter. For Firefox based browsers only, so presumably also including Pale Moon.