Here’s a small study of the DOAB output, sourced from their ‘one .CSV to rule them all’ .CSV file. The titles in my new human-readable list below are 2022-published open access books in English. Book chapters were excluded.

The finding is slightly more than 500 whole-book titles in what I would call the “arts & humanities”, so far. Manually excluding books that creep into the category, with titles such as Dental Education. Suggesting a likely world output in English of 1,000 such OA books for 2022, and published in 2022.

Titles given twice have different URLs and are presumably multi-volume.

Architecture, advanced design:

Design Tools: A reflection towards the definition of a taxonomy

Time-Based Design Paradigms

Artificial intelligence in the design process: The Impact on Creativity and Team Collaboration

Experiments with Body Agent Architecture: The 586-year-old Spiritello in Il Regno Digitale

Resisting Postmodern Architecture: Critical regionalism before globalisation

The Covert Life of Hospital Architecture

Engaging Spaces: How to increase social awareness and human well-being through experience design

New Industrial Urbanism: Designing Places for Production

The Grid and the Park: Public Space and Urban Culture in Buenos Aires, 1887-1936.

Urban Blue Spaces: Planning and Design for Water, Health and Well-Being

Co-curating the City: Universities and urban heritage past and future

Building Black: Towards Antiracist Architecture

Cities After Crisis: Reinventing Neighborhood Design from the Ground-Up

Care and the City: Encounters with Urban Studies

Rome and the Colonial City: Rethinking the Grid

Art history:

Periodization in the Art Historiographies of Central and Eastern Europe

Art, history, and anachronic interventions since 1990

Preservation, conservation:

Optical Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage

Historical Wood: Structure, Properties and Conservation

Craft Sciences

Living Matter: The Preservation of Biological Materials in Contemporary Art: An International Conference Held in Mexico City, June 3-5, 2019

Application of Materials Science in the Study of Cultural Heritage

Pigments and Dyes in Archaeological and Historical Objects-Scientific Analyses and Conservation Challenges

Heritage politics, audience engagement:

Inconvenient Heritage: Colonial Collections and Restitution in the Netherlands and Belgium

Who Saved the Parthenon?: A New History of the Acropolis Before, During and After the Greek Revolution

Cultural Heritage and Mass Atrocities

Colonial Objects in Early Modern Sweden and Beyond: From the Kunstkammer to the Current Museum Crisis

Rethinking Heritage for Sustainable Development

Decolonizing Colonial Heritage: New Agendas, Actors and Practices in and beyond Europe

Practicing Decoloniality in Museums: A Guide with Global Examples

Heritage and Nationalism: Understanding populism through big data

Hybrid Museum Experiences: Theory and Design

Engaged Humanities: Rethinking Art, Culture, and Public Life

The Form of Ideology and the Ideology of Form: Cold War, Decolonization and Third World Print Cultures

Museum Digitisations and Emerging Curatorial Agencies Online: Vikings in the Digital Age

Cultural Heritage Storytelling, Engagement and Management in the Era of Big Data and the Semantic Web

Building Communities of Trust: Creative Work for Social Change

Revisualising Intersectionality

Heritage Patterns: Representative Models

Learning Cultural Literacy through Creative Practices in Schools: Cultural and Multimodal Approaches to Meaning-Making

Youth and Memory in Europe: Defining the Past, Shaping the Future

Realities, Challenges, Visions?: Towards a New Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy

Music, dance:

The Voice of the Century: The Culture of Italian Bel Canto in Luisa Tetrazzini’s Recorded Interpretations

The Chamber Musician in the Twenty-First Century

Music and Performance in the Book of Hours

Walking with Asafo in Ghana: An Ethnographic Account of Kormantse Bentsir Warrior Music

Music Worlding in Palau: Chanting, Atmospheres, and Meaningfulness

dis/cord: Thinking Sound through Agential Realism

The Power of Music: An Exploration of the Evidence

Tuning up! The Innovative Potential of Musikvermittlung

Views on Early Music as Representation: Invitations, Congruity, Performance

Railways & Music

The Popular and the Sacred in Music

Contingent Encounters: Improvisation in Music and Everyday Life

A Philosophy of Cover Songs

The Original Portrayal of Mozart’s Don Giovanni

Authorship and Identity in Late Thirteenth-Century Motets

Music as Labour: Inequalities and Activism in the Past and Present

Music in Health and Diseases

The Acoustic Self in English Modernism and Beyond: Writing Musically

Butoh America: Butoh Dance in the United States and Mexico from 1970 to the early 2000s

Contemporary art, and community arts:

Broken Narrative: The Politics of Contemporary Art in Albania

Interpreting Art (art journalism)

Cultural Policy for Arts Education: African-European Practises and Perspectives

Jamaica Making: The Theresa Roberts Art Collection

The Perpetuation of Site-Specific Installation Artworks in Museums: Staging Contemporary Art

Ageing Masculinities, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Narratives

Contemporary Narratives of Ageing, Illness, Care


Routledge Companion to Audiences and the Performing Arts

Forms of Emotion: Human to Nonhuman in Drama, Theatre and Contemporary Performance

Postdramatic Dramaturgies: Resonances between Asia and Europe

Theatre and Its Other: Abhinavagupta on Dance and Dramatic Acting

Processing Choreography: Thinking with William Forsythe’s Duo

Managing Cultural Festivals: Tradition and Innovation in Europe

Embodied gestures

Whiteface: Improv Comedy and Anti-Blackness

Beyond Narrative: Exploring Narrative Liminality and Its Cultural Work

Beckett and media

Black Dragon: Afro Asian Performance and the Martial Arts Imagination


The Making of The Wandering Earth: A Film Production Handbook

The White Indians of Mexican Cinema: Racial Masquerade throughout the Golden Age

Infectious Inequalities: Epidemics, Trust, and Social Vulnerabilities in Cinema

Labour in a Single Shot: Critical Perspectives on Antje Ehmann and Harun Farocki’s Global Video Project

Planetary Cinema: Film, Media and the Earth

Malies Boots: Footwear and Film Manufacturing in Second Industrial Revolution Paris

War in Film: Semiotics and Conflict Related Sign Constructions on the Screen

Ink-Stained Hollywood: The Triumph of American Cinema’s Trade Press (Edition 1)

Sirens of Modernity: World Cinema via Bombay

Lexicon of Global Melodrama

Precarity in European Film: Depictions and Discourses

Cinematic Independence: Constructing the Big Screen in Nigeria


Canadian Critical Luxury Studies: Decentring Luxury

Designing Sustainable Clothing Systems: The design for environmentally sustainable textile clothes and its Product-Service Systems

Buy Now: How Amazon Branded Convenience and Normalized Monopoly

The Sharing Economy in Europe: Developments, Practices, and Contradictions

Media and communication:

Scale Matters: The Quality of Quantity in Human Culture and Sociality

Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices

Intermedial Studies: An Introduction to Meaning Across Media

Television before TV: New Media and Exhibition Culture in Europe and the USA, 1928-1939

Screening Europe in Australasia: Transnational silent film before and after the rise of Hollywood

Discourses of Global Queer Mobility and the Mediatization of Equality

Discourses of Global Queer Mobility and the Mediatization of Equality

Routledge Handbook of African Popular Culture

Communication Management

Affective Worldmaking: Narrative Counterpublics of Gender and Sexuality

The Digital Closet: How the Internet Became Straight

Culture 2: Theorizing Theory for the Twenty-First Century, Vol. 1

Social Media and Hate

Hate Speech and Polarization in Participatory Society

Digital Platform Regulation: Global Perspectives on Internet Governance

Wikipedia and the Representation of Reality

Making Media Matter: Critical Literacy, Popular Culture, and Creative Production

Virtually Amish: Preserving Community at the Internet’s Margins

Four Shades of Gray: The Amazon Kindle Platform

Artificial Communication: How Algorithms Produce Social Intelligence

Everyday Automation: Experiencing and Anticipating Emerging Technologies

Mapping selfies and memes as Touch

Campus Medius: Digital Mapping in Cultural and Media Studies

Picturing the Invisible: Exploring interdisciplinary synergies from the arts and the sciences

Videogames, virtual reality, gamification, software:

Video Game Art Reader: Volume 4

Serious Games and Mixed Reality Applications for Healthcare

Multimedia Cartography

Virtual Reality Methods: A Guide for Researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Game-Based Learning, Gamification in Education and Serious Games

Trends on Educational Gamification: Challenges and Learning Opportunities

Modes of Esports Engagement in Overwatch

Esports and the Media: Challenges and Expectations in a Multi-Screen Society

The Psychosocial Reality of Digital Travel: Being in Virtual Places

Anti-computing: Dissent and the machine

The Legibility of Serif and Sans Serif Typefaces: Reading from Paper and Reading from Screens

Multimedia Forensics

Augmented Reality and Its Application

Software Usability

Friendship and Technology: A Philosophical Approach to Computer Mediated Communication

Forging Wargamers: A Framework for Professional Military Education


Advances in East Asian Agricultural Origins Studies: The Pleistocene to Holocene Transition

Africa, the Cradle of Human Diversity: Cultural and Biological Approaches to Uncover African Diversity

In Honor of Prof. Liritzis Ioannis: Essays in Archaeology & Archaeometry and the Hellenic Contribution to Egyptology

Grave Goods: Objects and Death in Later Prehistoric Britain

Settlement, Subsistence, and Society in Late Zuni Prehistory

Worked to the Bone: A Study of Gilded-Age Transatlantic Scientific Networks in Paleontology

Natural Sciences in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Pigments and Dyes in Archaeological and Historical Objects-Scientific Analyses and Conservation Challenges

Archaeological 3D GIS

Archaeological 3D GIS

The Archaeology of Iran from the Palaeolithic to the Achaemenid Empire

Ancestral Zuni Glaze-Decorated Pottery: Viewing Pueblo IV Regional Organization through Ceramic Production and Exchange

Landscapes and Social Transformations on the Northwest Coast: Colonial Encounters in the Fraser Valley

Settling Waterscapes in Europe: The Archaeology of Neolithic & Bronze Age Pile-Dwellings

Classics, classical history, classical afterlives:

A Greek State in Formation: The Origins of Mycenaean Pylos

Prometheus and the Liver: through Art and Medicine

Water Engineering in Ancient Societies

Time for the Ancients: Measurement, Theory, Experience

Historical Ecology, Archaeology and Biocultural Landscapes: Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to the Long Anthropocene

Remembering and Forgetting the Ancient City

The Reflexes of Syllabic Liquids in Ancient Greek: Linguistic Prehistory of the Greek Dialects and Homeric Kunstsprache

Portraying Cicero in Literature, Culture, and Politics: From Ancient to Modern Times

Conceptions of Time in Greek and Roman Antiquity

Rethinking Orality I: Codification, Transcodification and Transmission of ‘Cultural Messages’

Rethinking Orality II: The Mechanisms of the Oral Communication System in the Case of the Archaic Epos

Horos: Ancient Boundaries and the Ecology of Stone

Plutarch’s Cosmological Ethics

Seneca’s Characters: Fictional Identities and Implied Human Selves

Homer, Parmenides, and the Road to Demonstration

After the Text: Byzantine Enquiries in Honor of Margaret Mullett

Meanings and Functions of the Ruler’s Image in the Mediterranean World (11th – 15th Centuries)

Bronze Age Maritime and Warrior Dynamics in Island East Asia

Between Constantinople, the Papacy, and the Caliphate: The Melkite Church in the Islamicate World, 634-969

Inventing Origins? Aetiological Thinking in Greek and Roman Antiquity

The Routledge Handbook of the Senses in the Ancient Near East

Egypt and the Classical World: Cross-Cultural Encounters in Antiquity

The Impact of the Roman Empire on Landscapes

Poetry and Number in Graeco-Roman Antiquity

Reading History in the Roman Empire


A Short History of Transport in Japan: from Ancient Times to the Present

Shrines in a Fluid Space: The Shaping of New Holy Sites in the Ionian Islands, the Peloponnese and Crete under Venetian Rule (14th-16th Centuries)

Articulating the ḤijÄba: Cultural Patronage and Political Legitimacy in al-Andalus: The Ê¿Ä€mirid Regency c. 970-1010 AD

Railways & Music

Memories of a Theoretical Physicist: A Journey across the Landscape of Strings, Black Holes, and the Multiverse

India in the Persian World of Letters: ḲhÄn-i Ä€rzÅ« among the Eighteenth-Century Philologists

Empire Under the Microscope: Parasitology and the British Literary Imagination, 1885-1935

The Exercise of the Spatial Imagination in Pre-Modern China: Shaping the Expanse

Nakba and Survival: The Story of Palestinians Who Remained in Haifa and the Galilee, 1948-1956

Sources in the History of Psychiatry, from 1800 to the Present

World of Patterns: A Global History of Knowledge

The Past Through Narratology: New Approaches to Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages

Digital History and Hermeneutics: Between Theory and Practice

Writing the Digital History of Nazi Germany: Potentialities and Challenges of Digitally Researching and Presenting the History of the Third Reich, World War II, and the Holocaust

Japanese Americans at Heart Mountain: Networks, Power, and Everyday Life

Collectio Mineralium: The catalog of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II’s mineralogical collection

Contested Legitimacies: Repression and Revolt in Post-Revolutionary Egypt

Imagining Unequals, Imagining Equals: Concepts of Equality in History and Law

The Limits of Criminological Positivism: The Movement for Criminal Law Reform in the West, 1870-1940

Peasant Wars in Bolivia: Making, Thinking, and Living the Revolution in Cochabamba, 1952-64

Reliability and Alliance Interdependence: The United States and Its Allies in Asia, 1949-1969

Migration in Africa: Shifting Patterns of Mobility from the 19th to the 21st Century

The American Revolution and the Habsburg Monarchy

The World’s First Full Press Freedom: The Radical Experiment of Denmark-Norway 1770-1773

(In)visible Acts of Resistance in the Twilight of the Franco Regime: A Historical Narration

The Afterlife of the Shoah in Central and Eastern European Cultures: Concepts, Problems, and the Aesthetics of Postcatastrophic Narration

Cold War Civil Defence in Western Europe: Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Survival and Preparedness

Qarakhanid Roads to China: A History of Sino-Turkic Relations

The Straits Chinese Between Empires: Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in Colonial Malaya, c.1890-1920

‘The House of the Priest’: A Palestinian Life (1885-1954)

Acquired Alterity: Migration, Identity, and Literary Nationalism (Edition 1)

Huizhou: Local Identity and Mercantile Lineage Culture in Ming China

Accidental Holy Land: The Communist Revolution in Northwest China (Edition 1)

A Genealogy of Bamboo Diplomacy: The Politics of Thai Detente with Russia and China

The Heirs of Vijayanagara: Court Politics in Early Modern South India

Flows and Frictions in Trans-Himalayan Spaces: Histories of Networking and Border Crossing

Cold War Liberation: The Soviet Union and the Collapse of the Portuguese Empire in Africa, 1961-1975

A Contemporary Archaeology of London’s Mega Events: From the Great Exhibition to London 2012

Genoese Entrepreneurship and the Asiento Slave Trade, 1650-1700

Being Indigenous in Jim Crow Virginia: Powhatan People and the Color Line

Before American History: Nationalist Mythmaking and Indigenous Dispossession

Honouring a Nation: A History of Australia’s Honours System

Archaeological Perspectives on Conflict and Warfare in Australia and the Pacific

War at the Margins: Indigenous Experiences in World War II

Understanding Disability Throughout History: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Iceland from Settlement to 1936

Forced Migration in the Feminist Imagination: Transcultural Movements

Leaving Spain: A Biographical Study of an Economic Crisis and New Beginnings

European Roma: Lives beyond Stereotypes

Women, Migration and Gendered Experiences: The Case of Post-1991 Albanian Migration

Mobilising the Masses: Populist Conservative Movements in Australia and New Zealand During the Great Depression

Georges River Blues: Swamps, Mangroves and Resident Action, 1945-1980

Soviet Nightingales: Care under Communism

Spatial Revolution: Architecture and Planning in the Early Soviet Union

The Joint Arctic Weather Stations: Science and Sovereignty in the High Arctic, 1946-1972

Memory Crash: Politics of History in and around Ukraine, 1980s-2010s

Anglophobia in Fascist Italy

June 1967 in Personal Stories of Palestinians and Israelis

Feeling Political: Emotions and Institutions since 1789

Encounters and Practices of Petty Trade in Northern Europe, 1820-1960: Forgotten Livelihoods

Home-Based Work and Home-Based Workers (1800-2021)

Beyond the Pale: Dutch Extreme Violence in the Indonesian War of Independence, 1945-1949

Democratising Participatory Research: Pathways to Social Justice from the South

Growing in the Shadow of Antifascism: Remembering the Holocaust in State-Socialist Eastern Europe

Empire’s Violent End: Comparing Dutch, British, and French Wars of Decolonization, 1945-1962

The Weaker Sex in War: Gender and Nationalism in Civil War Virginia

Victims’ State: War and Welfare in Austria, 1868-1925

The Mud and the Mirth: Marine Cartoonists in World War I

Creating the Modern Army: Citizen-Soldiers and the American Way of War, 1919-1939

Millicent Garrett Fawcett: Selected writings

Writing the Digital History of Nazi Germany: Potentialities and Challenges of Digitally Researching and Presenting the History of the Third Reich, World War II, and the Holocaust

Policemen of the Tsar: Local Police in an Age of Upheaval

Ceramic Production in the American Southwest

The Marana Community in the Hohokam World

White Roads of the Yucatan: Changing Social Landscapes of the Yucatec Maya

The Neighbors of Casas Grandes: Medio Period Communities of Northwestern Chihuahua

Sourcing Prehistoric Ceramics at Chodistaas Pueblo, Arizona: The Circulation of People and Pots in the Grasshopper Region

Ancestral Landscapes of the Pueblo World

Navajo Multi-Household Social Units: Archaeology on Black Mesa, Arizona

Sedentism and Mobility in a Social Landscape: Mesa Verde and Beyond

Lifeways in the Northern Maya Lowlands: New Approaches to Archaeology in the Yucatan Peninsula

In Contempt: Defending Free Speech, Defeating HUAC

Tracing the Atom: Nuclear Legacies in Russia and Central Asia

Focus on Family Historians: How Ancestor Research Affects Self-Understanding and Well-Being

Medieval and Early Modern:

Medieval Multilingual Manuscripts: Case Studies from Ireland to Japan

The Christian Economy of the Early Medieval West: Towards a Temple Society

Prometheus and the Liver: through Art and Medicine

Freedom Seekers: Escaping from Slavery in Restoration London

Authorizing Early Modern European Women: From Biography to Biofiction

Casuistry and Early Modern Spanish Literature

Queer Velocities: Time, Sex, and Biopower on the Early Modern Stage

Lives in Transit in Early Modern England: Identity and Belonging

Bishop John Vitez and Early Renaissance Central Europe: The Humanist Kingmaker

Banishment in the Late Medieval Eastern Netherlands: Exile and Redemption in Kampen

Islamic Glass in the Making: Chronological and Geographical Dimensions

Portraits and Poses: Female Intellectual Authority, Agency and Authorship in Early Modern Europe

Histories of Experience in the World of Lived Religion

Constructing and Representing Territory in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Mimbres during the Twelfth Century: Abandonment, Continuity, and Reorganization

Religion and Governance in England’s Emerging Colonial Empire, 1601-1698

Jeremy Bentham and Australia: Convicts, utility and empire

At Home in Renaissance Bruges: Connecting Objects, People and Domestic Spaces in a Sixteenth-Century City

Hidden Cities: Urban Space, Geolocated Apps and Public History in Early Modern Europe

Juvenes – The Middle Ages seen by Young Researchers: Vol. II – Space(s)

Emperors and Imperial Discourse in Italy, c. 1300-1500: New Perspectives

The Margins of Late Medieval London, 1430-1540

Reformation, Revolution, Renovation: The Roots and Reception of the Rosicrucian Call for General Reform

Early Modern Privacy: Sources and Approaches

Printing and Publishing Chinese Religion and Philosophy in the Dutch Republic, 1595-1700: The Chinese Imprint

Printing Spinoza: A Descriptive Bibliography of the Works Published in the Seventeenth Century

The World’s First Full Press Freedom: The Radical Experiment of Denmark-Norway 1770-1773

Folklore, folk-magic, folk sayings:

The Boggart Sourcebook: Texts and Memories for the Study of the British Supernatural

The Brothers Grimm and the Making of German Nationalism

Neo-Aramaic and Kurdish Folklore from Northern Iraq: A Comparative Anthology with a Sample of Glossed Texts, Volume 1

Neo-Aramaic and Kurdish Folklore from Northern Iraq: A Comparative Anthology with a Sample of Glossed Texts, Volume 2

Performing Deception: Learning, Skill and the Art of Conjuring

In the borderland between song and speech: Vocal expressions in oral cultures

Nubian Proverbs (Fadijja/Mahas)

Middle English Medical Recipes and Literary Play, 1375-1500

History of literature:

William Sharp and ‘Fiona Macleod’: A Life

Autofiction(s) et scandale

Narrating Nonhuman Spaces: Form, Story, and Experience Beyond Anthropocentrism

Reclaiming Romanticism: Towards an Ecopoetics of Decolonization

Literary Reimaginings of Argentina’s Independence: History, Fiction, Politics

Keep on Rolling Under the Stars: Green Readings on the Beat Generation

Comparative Practices: Literature, Language, and Culture in Britain’s Long Eighteenth Century

Music and the Queer Body in English Literature at the Fin de Siecle

Prosthetic Body Parts in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture

Pitch and Revelation: Reconfigurations of Reading, Poetry, and Philosophy through the Work of Jay Wright

The Brothers Grimm and the Making of German Nationalism

Oscillating Bodies: Understanding Tunisian Society through its Novels (1956-2011)

Cut/Copy/Paste: Fragments from the History of Bookwork

Paradise from behind the Iron Curtain: Reading, translating and staging Milton in Communist Hungary

Intention and Interpretation: A Short History

Collecting Lives: Critical Data Narrative as Modernist Aesthetic in Early Twentieth-Century U.S. Literatures

Literature and Historiography in the Spanish Golden Age: The Poetics of History

Women and Letterpress Printing 1920-2020: Gendered Impressions

Afropolitan Horizons: Essays toward a Literary Anthropology of Nigeria

The Autofictional: Approaches, Affordances, Forms

The Secret Life of Literature

Queer and Bookish: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick as Book Artist

The Orientalist Semiotics of Dune: Religious and Historical References within Frank Herbert’s Universe

Contemporary literature:

Queer Rebels: Rewriting Literary Traditions in Contemporary Spanish Novels

Commodifying Violence in Literature and on Screen: The Colombian Condition

Children’s literature:

A Multimodal Approach to Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Children’s Picture Books

How Comics Travel: Publication, Translation, Radical Literacies

Youth cultures:

Diasporic Hallyu: The Korean Wave in Korean Canadian Youth Culture

Youth in Fiji and Solomon Islands: Livelihoods, Leadership and Civic Engagement

(Dis)Obedience in Digital Societies: Perspectives on the Power of Algorithms and Data

Queer Roma

Vidding: A History

paq’batlh: The Klingon Epic (second expanded edition)


Female Mystics and the Divine Feminine in the Global Sufi Experience

Conflicts in Interreligious Education: Exploring Theory and Practice

A Buddha Land in This World: Philosophy, Utopia, and Radical Buddhism

Spirituality and Addiction

Freedom of Religious Institutions in Society

The Liturgy in the Middle Ages

Reframing Roman Liturgy: A Critical Edition of Onofrio Panvinio’s Vetusti aliquot rituales libri

Religious Transformation in the Middle East: Spirituality, Religious Doubt, and Non Religion

Pilgrimage and Religious Mobilization in Europe

Cross-Cultural and Religious Critiques of Informed Consent

The Teleological and Kalam Cosmological Arguments Revisited

Abrahamic Reflections on Randomness and Providence

Jesuit Art: Brill’s Research Perspectives in Jesuit Studies

Abruptly Dogen: (Zen Buddhism)

Possession and Dispossession: Performing Jewish Ethnography in Jerusalem

Possession and Dispossession: Performing Jewish Ethnography in Jerusalem

Routledge Handbook of Theravada Buddhism

Time and Soul: From Aristotle to St. Augustine

Interdisciplinary Explorations of Postmortem Interaction: Dead Bodies, Funerary Objects, and Burial Spaces Through Texts and Time

In Praise of Mortality: Christianity and New Humanism

Xinjiang Year Zero: (Chinese presectuion of minorities)

Religion and the COVID-19 Pandemic in Southern Africa:

The Notion of ‘holy’ in Ancient Armenian Texts from the Fifth Century CE: A Comparative Approach Using Digital Tools and Methods

Karl Barth’s Epistle to the Romans: Retrospect and Prospect

Non Sola Scriptura: Essays on the Qur’an and Islam in Honour of William A. Graham

Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity in a Global Context: Entanglements and Disconnections

A Reader in Early Franciscan Theology: The Summa Halensis

Women Religious Crossing between Cloister and the World: Nunneries in Europe and the Americas, ca. 1200-1700

Buddhist Statecraft in East Asia

The Transformation of Tamil Religion: Ramalinga Swamigal (1823-1874) and Modern Dravidian Sainthood

The Presence of the Prophet in Early Modern and Contemporary Islam: Volume 1, The Prophet Between Doctrine, Literature and Arts: Historical Legacies and Their Unfolding

The Presence of the Prophet in Early Modern and Contemporary Islam: Volume 2, Heirs of the Prophet: Authority and Power

Hizmet in Transitions: European Developments of a Turkish Muslim-Inspired Movement

Fethullah Galen’s Teaching and Practice: Inheritance, Context, and Interactive Development

No Truth Without Beauty: God, the Qur’an, and Women’s Rights

Rethinking Islam in Europe: Contemporary Approaches in Islamic Religious Education and Theology

The Religion and Rituals of the Nomads of Pre-Islamic Arabia: A Reconstruction Based on the Safaitic Inscriptions

Creating the Qur’an: A Historical-Critical Study (Edition 1)

Spiritual, Religious, and Faith-Based Practices in Chronicity: An Exploration of Mental Wellness in Global Context

Karl Barth’s Epistle to the Romans: Retrospect and Prospect

Beyond the Death of God: Religion in 21st Century International Politics

The Walking Dead at Saqqara: Strategies of Social and Religious Interaction in Practice

Racialized Health, COVID-19, and Religious Responses: Black Atlantic Contexts and Perspectives

Exploring Islamic Social Work: Between Community and the Common Good

Paternalism to Partnership: The Administration of Indian Affairs, 1786-2021

Chineseness and the Cold War: Contested Cultures and Diaspora in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong

Jain Ramayaata Narratives: Moral Vision and Literary Innovation

Caste and Equality in India: A Historical Anthropology of Diverse Society and Vernacular Democracy

Romani Liberation: A Northern Perspective on Emancipatory Struggles and Progress

Zionism and Cosmopolitanism: Franz Oppenheimer and the Dream of a Jewish Future in Germany and Palestine

Palimpsests of Themselves: Logic and Commentary in Postclassical Muslim South Asia

Muslims and humour: Essays on Comedy, Joking, and Mirth in Contemporary Islamic Contexts

The Germanic Tribes, the Gods and the German Far Right Today

War as Entertainment and Contents Tourism in Japan

Workplace Spirituality: Making a Difference

Religions around the Arctic: Source Criticism and Comparisons

Apocalypse without God: Apocalyptic Thought, Ideal Politics, and the Limits of Utopian Hope


Significance in Language: A Theory of Semantics

Clitics in the wild: Empirical studies on the microvariation of the pronominal, reflexive and verbal clitics in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian

Voice syncretism

Spaces of Communication: Elements of Semio-Pragmatics

The emergence of American English as a discursive variety: Tracing enregisterment processes in nineteenth-century U.S. newspapers

Morphosyntactic change in Late Modern Swedish

Proto-Fula-Sereer: Lexicon, morphophonology, and noun classes

Emergent phonology (Volume 7)

Anthology of Arabic Discourse on Translation

Paradigms regained: Theoretical and empirical arguments for the reassessment of the notion of paradigm

What Makes Writing Academic: Rethinking Theory for Practice

Rethinking Orality I: Codification, Transcodification and Transmission of ‘Cultural Messages’

Quotations as Pictures

The Pandemic of Argumentation

Multilingualism: Interdisciplinary Topics

Quranic Arabic: From its Hijazi Origins to its Classical Reading Traditions

The Neo-Aramaic Oral Heritage of the Jews of Zakho

Nothing As We Need It: A Chimera

Prosodic Theory and Practice

In the borderland between song and speech: Vocal expressions in oral cultures

A Featural Typology of Bantu Agreement

Syntax in the Treetops: (Basque politeness)

Semitic Dialects and Dialectology: Fieldwork|Community|Change

Writing Systems and Their Use: An Overview of Grapholinguistics

Metalanguages for Dissecting Translation Processes: Theoretical Development and Practical Applications

Interests and Power in Language Management

Learning by Design and Second Language Teaching: Theory, Research, and Practice

Complexity in Second Language Study Emotions: Emergent Sensemaking in Social Context

Journeys Towards Intercultural Capability in Language Classrooms: Voices from Students, Teachers and Researchers

Linguistic Identities in the Arab Gulf States: Waves of Change

Jahrbuch der Deutschen Schillergesellschaft: Internationales Organ far Neuere Deutsche Literatur

Culture and Content in French: Frameworks for Innovative Curricula

A Grammar of Yala Dnye: The Papuan Language of Rossel Island

Synchronic and Diachronic Aspects of Kanashi

Forms of List-Making: Epistemic, Literary, and Visual Enumeration

The Idea of Progress in Forensic Authorship Analysis

The Digital Humanities and Literary Studies


Turkish Voices

Using Technologies for Creative-Text Translation

The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Media

Translation and Social Media Communication in the Age of the Pandemic

Unsettling Translation: Studies in Honour of Theo Hermans

Translation as Experimentalism: Exploring Play in Poetics

Transnational Modern Languages: A Handbook

Intermedial Studies: An Introduction to Meaning Across Media

Sensitive Reading: The Pleasures of South Asian Literature in Translation

How Comics Travel: Publication, Translation, Radical Literacies

In translation:

A Ming Confucian’s World: Selections from Miscellaneous Records from the Bean Garden

Song of Exile: A Cultural History of Brazil’s Most Popular Poem, 1846-2018

Vernaculars in an Age of World Literatures

Sensitive Reading: The Pleasures of South Asian Literature in Translation (Edition 1)

The Ocean of Heroes: A Critical Edition, Translation

Travel writing, exploration:

Interwar Itineraries: Authenticity in Anglophone and French Travel Writing

Wanderers: Literature, Culture and the Open Road

The Southwest in the American Imagination: The Writings of Sylvester Baxter, 1881-1889

Northern Crossings: Translation, Circulation and the Literary Semi-periphery

Visual Culture and Arctic Voyages: Personal and Public Art and Literature of the Franklin Search Expeditions

The American Western in Canadian Literature

Babad Tanah Jawi, The Chronicle of Java: The Revised Prose Version of C.F. Winter Sr

Mapping Narrations – Narrating Maps: Concepts of the World in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period

Travel Writings on Asia: Curiosity, Identities, and Knowledge Across the East, c. 1200 to the Present

Jesuit and English Experiences at the Mughal Court, c. 1580-1615


Information and Knowledge Organisation in Digital Humanities: Global Perspectives

Paradoxes of Media and Information Literacy: The Crisis of Information

Archives, Access and Artificial Intelligence: Working with Born-Digital and Digitized Archival Collections

The Transformation of Historical Research in the Digital Age

Refugees and Knowledge Production: Europe’s Past and Present

Plan S for Shock: Science. Shock. Solution. Speed.

The Diffusion and Social Implications of MOOCs: A Comparative Study of the USA and Europe

Cultural-Historical Perspectives on Collective Intelligence: Patterns in Problem Solving and Innovation

Digital Humanities:

Perspectives on Digital Humanism

Digital Humanities and Libraries and Archives in Religious Studies: An Introduction

The Digital Humanities and Literary Studies

The Transformation of Historical Research in the Digital Age

Anti-computing: Dissent and the machine

Philosophy, ethics:

Ethical Issues in Covert, Security and Surveillance Research

Ethical Evidence and Policymaking: Interdisciplinary and International Research

Moses Dobruska and the Invention of Social Philosophy: Utopia, Judaism, and Heresy under the French Revolution

Big and Little Histories: Sizing Up Ethics in Historiography

The Romanian Sentiment of Being

Escape Philosophy: Journeys Beyond the Human Body

Normative Reasons: Between Reasoning and Explanation

The Philosophy and Psychology of Commitment

Spinoza’s Theological-Political Treatise (1670-2020)

Models and Theories: A Philosophical Inquiry

Histories of Ethos: World Perspectives on Rhetoric

The World Is Gone: Philosophy in Light of the Pandemic

Reading Proclus and the Book of Causes, Volume 3: On Causes and the Noetic Triad

Plotinus on Beauty: Beauty as Illuminated Unity in Multiplicity

Kant and Artificial Intelligence

Broken Theory

Newton’s Third Rule and the Experimental Argument for Universal Gravity

Kant and Artificial Intelligence

A Prodigy of Universal Genius: Robert Leslie Ellis, 1817-1859

A Basic Theory of Everything: A Fundamental Theoretical Framework for Science and Philosophy

Apocalypse without God: Apocalyptic Thought, Ideal Politics, and the Limits of Utopian Hope

Memory and Identity in the Learned World: Community Formation in the Early Modern World of Learning and Science

The Art of Abduction

The Logical Writings of Karl Popper

The Philosophy of Online Manipulation

Value Incommensurability: Ethics, Risk, and Decision-Making

Jeremy Bentham and Australia: Convicts, utility and empire

The Responsibility of Science

The Things That Really Matter: Philosophical conversations on the cornerstones of life

Neo-Aristotelian Metaphysics and the Theology of Nature

Autonomy and Equality: Relational Perspectives

Recognition and the Human Life-Form: Beyond Identity and Difference

Post-Truth Imaginations: New Starting Points for Critique of Politics and Technoscience

Post-Truth Imaginations: New Starting Points for Critique of Politics and Technoscience

Oblivionism: Forgetting and Forgetfulness in Modern Science

These are thus 19% of the total OA/DOAB books in English so far released and published in 2022.

There appears to be no way to do this sort of list automatically. Ideally, the arts & humanities library profession would collectively fund a quarterly human-readable list of all new DOAB books, created manually from the .CSV and re-sorted under 24 or so broad subject categories — rather than (as at present) under thousands of precise but incredibly ‘bitty’ sub-categories. Such ‘bitty-ness’ is not conducive to serendipitous discovery.