Hurrah. A robust YouTube update reverter in UserScript. Works fine, and removes all the new-fangled November 2022 official makeover malarkey. Also restores view-count numbers on individual videos and playlists, which had been removed by the makeover.

Works nicely with YouTube Playlist Time Length, and another free UserScript to auto expand description on video and playlists (no more clicking on “See more…”); with remove YouTube’s ‘recommendations’ and also remove the ‘shorts’ format; and with scripts to disable the overkill 60FPS play speed and the “Video paused. Continue watching?” annoyance.

Also works with the Web browser extension Unhook – Remove YouTube Recommended Videos (also removes comments); the extension AutoplayStopper, which handles autoplay on more services than just YouTube; and the extension Clickbait Remover for Youtube (the preview thumbnail is taken from somewhere other than the start of the video, thus making YouTube less “shouty”).

As always, UBlock Origin handles the ad removal and more.