Scandinavian-Canadian Studies

Lychnos : Arsbok for ide och lardomshistoria (Lychnos : Annual of the Swedish History of Science Society) (Partly in English)

Sea History magazine (National Maritime Historical Society) (Can’t be indexed, but added to Directory)

Tolkien Gleanings (Can’t currently be indexed, but added to Directory)

Musica Theorica (Partly in English)

African Research and Documentation

Writing Africa

Black Theatre Review, The

Energia (Philology, history of linguistics)

Eranos (Greek and Latin Philology) (Partly in English)

Journal of Archaeology and Ancient History, The

SCRIBE : The Magazine of The American Research Center in Egypt

Pontos (Black Sea studies, antiquity)

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Seneca) (Partly in English)

Keshif (Fragments in Ottoman Studies)

Manuscript and Text Cultures

Linguistic Typology at the Crossroads

Fuente Journal, La (The Bible’s applicability to the world) (Partly in English)

Kiel Journal of Consumer Studies

Futurity Economics & Law

Advance notice for Digital Enlightenment Studies (no website yet, forthcoming)

I fixed several big URL moves, including all the URLs for publications at the Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures and thus is now etc.

Indigenous Stewards

E-Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology

GeoScientist (PDF magazine of the Geological Society of London, has reviews and articles of wider interest re: remote survey methods that could also be used for wildlife and plants) (These PDFs are not currently well-indexed by Google Search)