A new version of PDF Index Generator, the first in a year. It’s the best standalone desktop software for making back-of-the-book indexes from finished PDFs. New in version 3.3 (May 2023), among other changes…

* Can now run-in the sub-headers (rather than doing list-style sub-headings). Video.

* Multi-page indexing (e.g. 265-278) can now be truncated (as 265-78). Video.

* Even/odd pages can now have their own margins set. Video.

* “Added an Include query … to index capitalized words”.

* Database files are now much smaller.

* “Fixed footnotes as it was showing footnote number & normal page number too!”

That last one is especially important for footnoting scholars. The footnotes feature was introduced in 2.9 (February 2020).

The software is still working all the way back to Windows XP, and is still the same price.