JURN : the directory of scholarly ejournals in the arts & humanities (PDF).

3,000 links to selected open access or otherwise free ejournals in the arts & humanities, nearly all of which are indexed in JURN. Predatory titles are excluded. This is my current HTML file, saved as a PDF for A2 paper size when printed in landscape orientation.

Updated: 9th December 2018. Checked for linkrot: 9th December 2018.
Previous PDF update: 15th November 2018.

The JURN Directory is intended to be scanned down, in columns. There are four columns, and the basic column divisions are:

* Creative arts (architecture, art, music, etc.) and media.
* History, religion, and anthropology.
* Literature and film.
* Philosophy, organisation and preservation of knowledge + various.

A note on PDF reader software:

Note that Microsoft Reader can’t handle external Web links in PDFs, and they are also ‘off’ by default in SumatraPDF Reader (how to turn them on in Sumatra). Adobe Acrobat Reader should be fine.

Some side-scrolling may be needed, if you have the likes of SumatraPDF hard-coded for ‘cover page + double-page spreads’. The same may be true of other PDF readers that you’ve pre-configured for magazine reading.

Similar directories are the DOAJ and the EZB. Jan Szczepanski’s List is also useful for finding non-predatory titles published in languages other than English and which are unlikely to be on the DOAJ.