JURN’s donationware

This page hosts JURN’s useful digital templates. Purchasing these items will act as a donation toward the cost of keeping the JURN search service maintained and running.



“Our Town” Microsoft Publisher magazine template, for MS Publisher 2013 or higher. My professional template is delivered in editable Publisher .pub format and is royalty-free. 28 pages long, in the standard U.S. Letter page size. Microsoft Publisher is part of the trusted Microsoft Office family, and is affordable and easy to learn/use. My Publisher template is presented as if a quality “small town” quarterly magazine, aimed specifically at those wanting to sustain and revive a small American town. But it can also be easily adapted to suit your own special interest, business sector or location.

PDF preview (view as: cover-page + double-page-spreads).

Cost: a one-time $23 U.S. purchase.
Buy with PayPal — safe and easy.
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Cost: a one-time $23 U.S. purchase.
Buy with PayPal — safe and easy.
Buy now

Please note that delivery is made via me manually sending you an email with a download link, once I see your PayPal has payment come through and is viable.

(Cover photography by Colin Garrow, all other pictures used are Wikipedia or CC0)


Free! The Classic Book template for Adobe InDesign CS6 [ PDF demo ]. This is a simple 6″ x 9″ book template, with a style modelled on vintage book design.


Autoflow of pasted text is already fully set up for you, and footnotes are fully set up and spaced. Basically the text flows somewhat like text in a word-processor does. The book should accommodate about 55,000 words or so, in its 104 pages. Those wanting to import a scholarly book or dissertation into InDesign from a straight Word file might take a look at this useful tutorial on importing a Word document with footnotes intact and correctly placed, and still “dynamic”.

The book template is set up with the correct margins for the Lulu.com print-on-demand service, specifically for Lulu’s popular 6″ x 9″ paperback book size. UK Lulu users should log in via the US site, to see the 6″ x 9″ size.





4 thoughts on “JURN’s donationware”

  1. Steve Sechrist said:


    I have a question about your Publisher magazine template. I assume I can edit it after I download it? One of the things I want are sidebar articles which this template doesn’t have. However, if I can add a text box to create one on one of the pages, that will work.

    • Hi Steve, yes – it can be edited with a copy of Microsoft Publisher 2013 or higher version. There is a sort of sidebar, which is the credits column on the second page. Hope that helps.

  2. Steve Wantong said:

    Hello, I have two questions:

    1. I want to know if I can use your Publisher template for a startup magazine?
    2. Can I easily modify it?

    • Hi Steve. 1. Yes, it can be used for any type of magazine, provided you’re willing to change the styling, fonts and suchlike. 2) Yes, the content can be altered and replaced, but to do that you need to own a copy of Microsoft Office’s Publisher 2013 (or higher) software, and a PC that can handle it.

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