Off the Clifford

A demonstration of the limited range can offer, these days. One of the top all-time greats in science-fiction literature, at page six of the results on his distinctive name. The results dribble away to spam and essay-writing services, at a mere six pages and 103 results. Searching for the name with capitals, as “Clifford Simak”, makes no difference.

OA journals in the Nordic countries

Open access journal publishing in the Nordic countries, Learned Publishing, March 2019.

There have been no previous comprehensive studies about OA journals in the Nordic countries.” [using a good variety of sources] “437 scholarly OA journals published in the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) were identified, and some key characteristics were studied. Of these, only 184 were indexed in DOAJ. Social sciences and humanities dominated as topics, and few journals charge authors.

No ADS from Harvard…

Ooops. Harvard’s Astrophysics Data System server, a huge public repository of astronomy and space flight papers and books, blocked because… it has ‘ads’ in the URL? Does ad-blocking get more block-headed than this? Thankfully, I see it’s now possible to tell uBlock to ignore the rule, which didn’t used to be possible.